Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crenellations the First

Huzzah!!! I have my first set of crenellations!!! Yes, the first York and Lancaster sock is completed, and now on to the second. Will I get the second sock done in time for Rhinebeck? I have my doubts, but we'll see what happens over the next few days...

Crenellations!! Ooo!!!

Oh, and by the way, my friend Cori made the most adorable stitch markers. While I'm tossing pictures up here, I might as well toss those up as well:

Friday, October 3, 2008

So much keeps happening!

Well, whew, been a week... Hope I have a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. I hope to have fun with my friend Lucina at "An Afternoon of Fun" - we're camping and it's gonna be cold at night, though...

My friend Cori made the adult decision that she probably should stay in Athens and do homework rather than go to Rhinebeck with me. Which is probably true, but now I'm off all by my onsies. On the bright side, I'll meet people in person that I've met online, and I'll see Mom & Dad. But, I don't always do well in crowds of strangers... And I won't have a fellow noob to get all excited about everything with. I'm going to make a lot of friends via judicious application of nukkles, though. Yes, one can work miracles with backrubs!

I've done the first 3 rows of colorwork on the ankle rose on the first York and Lancaster sock, and realized that I needed to adjust what I was doing. Sigh. And I looked and looked and looked for my wee little yarn bobbins and only found one. One. I need two. I know there are more, but where?? Walmart only has them in a package of "I taught myself to crochet" package for $10. Like I need that. I've been thinking that maybe I could make some. Would be more exciting to work with. All I have to do is design them.

I'm working on yet another Calorimety - this one in camo, which matches (by dint of being the yarn left over from producing) a pair of fingerless mitts that I made. Almost done! This is really a great project to do when you feel to overwhelmed by the project you want to finish, yet you just want to knit. I'm going to have to find another one of those kinds of patterns soon, because there's really only so much Calorimetry one should have in one's life.

Teaching. Eek. I will be teaching nalbinding and sock knitting (the latter with Cori, bless her!) this fall, and I'm getting all excited. And so very nervous about the handouts. Which I'm great at creating - I know. Someone's 14-year-old niece taught herself using my nalbinging booklet. So, why am I nervous? Because I'm reworking the handout and I'm worrying about forgetting something.

Someday I'll get better at this blog thing. By then, maybe I'll have an audience!