Sunday, March 21, 2010

It hasn't been a year!!!

Ha! For the handful of you who care to read this, I would like to point out that I have not let my blog go for a year. Oh, no! 363 days, but not a year! Ha!! So there!! Nya!!

So much has happened in my life. I lost my job. Which bit. Big time. And I will get another quite soon, I'm sure.

I fell in L-O-V-E. Big time. No holds barred. Even when I get angry with him, I love him. Keith Joseph Caserta II. I get all silly when I think of him. When he smiles, all kinds of worldly crap fades into insignificance. And he does this really cute happy dance... He rocks!! And he's affectionate. And he's sweet. And he cooks me dinner. And makes coffee in the morning (which he does not drink). And he holds my hand in public. And... well, HE ROCKS!

I rolled my Jetta. Das Vroom-vroom ist kaput. I got a big check from the insurance company. I meant to buy a very practical station wagon. I bought a 2000 Jaguar XJ8. It's dead sexy. Unfortunately, experiencing some technical difficulties right now, but I'm persevering on the repairs. Last week, I replaced an O2 sensor. And whilst the hood was up, I hunted for the battery. Ah, the battery. Nice big thing. Has cables connected to it. Right up front by the headlights in every single car I've owned. Except this one. Yup. The battery is... in the boot! (Gotta tell ya, love the "boot open" warning message...). I feel much better having found the battery, which is under a panel, right next to the spare tire. Always nice to know where it is. Really distressing to be hunting under the hood for what seemed like ages, tracing back to its origin anything that was remotely large enough to be a battery cable.

I am no longer absolutely commited to staying in Athens. That was a big one. Reference items one (job) and two (Keith). Keith breeds and sells pigeons (mostly homers and rollers) and dogs (beagles, German shorthair pointers), and it is helpful for him to be located near an interstate. Or preferable a bunch of interstates. And western Ohio fulfills that need (70, 71, 75). So, I'm actually okay with moving. Why? Because I'd be moving somewhere WITH Keith. He lives in Dayton, and it's rough. I like to be around my things and in my house (with my cats!), and he really needs to be home to take care of dogs.

His "personal" dog, Dingle, is the cutest darned thing! She's come with him to my place a couple of times. My two cats, Evil and Bertimus Maximus, had interesting reactions to the little Dingle. Bert hid. For 3 entire visits, Bert found a spot as far away from the dog and stayed there. Bert found ways to relax and not have the dog be between him and the litter box - he stayed on top of the washing machine. Bert tried his best to not notice that Dingle liked the cat food a lot. Evil, on the other hand, figured out after about the third time trying to sneak past Dingle that the dog would ignore her. Because Keith told Dingle to ignore her (yes, Dingle is that good!). And on the third visit, Evil actually got close enough to sniff the dog! Nowadays, Bert still tries hard to stay away from Dingle, but not to the point of not being seen when she's around. And now Dingle seems to be trying to get around Evil without getting close. Too funny!! And I bet Evil is just eating that up!!!

Well, that was fun. Hopefully, I'll get back in the hang of this blogging thing. As a perk for having read this blog, here's a pic of Keith and Dingle as a puppy...