Thursday, January 8, 2009

Losing Battles - with myself!!

Crud, this looks like a lot of fun. And I really need to learn a new craft right now. Yeah, like I need another hole in my head...

It's weird to look at something on line and watch two sides of me begin battle....

Side One: Weeeee!! Look at this stuff!!! Isn't that cool!! And I have that little square loom that I could maybe use for some of these projects!!! Or I could build a little loom!! No problem - I've had all that woodworking practice of recent!!!

Side Two: You have got to be kidding! Haven't you looked at the massive pile of unfinished projects? And don't you remember that some of those projects are to build things to help organize your overflowing craft/fabric/yarn stashes? Haven't you looked at the house which so needs to be cleaned?

Side One: But, but, but... Doesn't this look like fun? Can't I just maybe do one simple project? And I can use yarn that I already have, so I would actually be reducing the stash! That's sort of like cleaning and organizing, right? And think how much fun it will be!! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Side Two: Get a %$*%^ grip! You'd tear apart the house looking for just the right yarn, which is pretty much the antithesis of organization, and you know it.

(I think Side Two makes an excellent point, there...)

Side One: Just one? One small project? Maybe a bag or container or something to organize my life a bit?

Side Two: Really... something that would organize a part of this crazy world of yours?

(yes, this is where the tide turns...)

Side One: Sure! It'll be great!!

Side Two: Well...

Side One: C'mon... you know you want to see something done this way, too...

Side Two: Yeah, but... But... Well, okay. But, first you have to finish the Christmas presents that didn't get done. And clean the litter boxes.

Side One: Yay!!!

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