Thursday, November 10, 2011

'Tis the Season to Rewrite Patterns, Fa-La-La-La La

Well, it's been interesting. I'm dead-set on knitting Dracaclava for Keith's nephew, but, OMG, pattern was just too... Words I've seen on Ravelry to describe it are "vague", "confusing", "poorly written". Really, it struck me more as "notes to self on how to recreate what I've done" than "pattern to sell to general public." Some of the techniques were strange to me - why on earth would I knit 380 stitches only to completely remove them later? I couldn't see any structural advantage to doing that, so I didn't. Everyting is actually in the pattern, it just... well, it's hard to sit down with yarn on one side, paper on the other, and just knit. Way too much thinking. So, I rewrote it, start to finish, with every single row/round numbered. And without using "row" when really the work was in the "round."

I'm feeling a massive sense of accomplishment over that. And a little brain-fried. Happy, but fried.

I also rewrote the Basic Horse pattern that was knitted flat and then seamed up all over the place to knit everything that could be in the round. At least I did that last week, so I can take a break from Draoo and work on that.... And rewriting that pattern was a breeze in comparison, as the original was pretty darned tidy. Just... All those seams! Ick!

Hopefully, I will not be rewriting any more patterns soon. And if I do, hopefully they won't be as much of a struggle as Dracoclava!

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