Tuesday, November 18, 2008

OMG!!! Where did November go??

So, here I am. Looking at the calendar. The day is November 18. Do you know what that means? Only 33 knitting days left until Christmas travel begins. Yikes!!!

So, how am I doing? There are 6 pairs of socks that will be given out at Yuletide. One of which is done. Oh, bother!!

And then there's the "sit quietly listening to classical music" lace scarf. At least one whole week of solid knitting. And I cannot watch TV and do that one. I've got some lovely CD's lined up for that flurry of knitting.

Next, the "OMG, you want me to knit what?!?!" cardigan. On the bright side, it knits pretty fast. 2 rows and it's around an inch. So, knitting 14 inches to the armholes? Shouldn't take too long. Right? Should go pretty quick, right? Note to self: do not ask Carol what she wants to have knitted for Christmas.

Oh, and two wood working projects of a non-trivial nature, and precisely one weekend where I can work on them. So, if anyone reads this and has some weather control abilities, I could use a little sunshine on the weekend of December 6. Got that? December 5 through December 7. Sunshine. Please? Finishes will be applied inside where it's warm, but I hate sawing on a gloomy day...

Yes, I have mapped out a schedule. A relatively precise schedule that has where I have to be on every single project for each and every one of those 33 days. And, yes, it is doable. Really. Honest.

Oh, crap.

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