Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some day, I'll get the hang of this blog thing...

Perhaps when tons of people begin to read it, yes? So, I'm very safe right now... Sorta just tossing out thoughts to the ether...

One week later, 26 knitting days left until Christmas travel. And what do I have to show for it? Well, I dropped a bunch of stitches. Not all at once. One here, one there. Followed by a little agony of reworking. Stopped working on that sock, because I'm not entirely sure I've got everything right, and I just don't have the focus to sit down and double-check all the picking up I've done. So, I cast on another pair! And... I laddered. I never ladder. And, oo-ee, there were big honking ladders forming. In my defense, I also don't purl a lot at the end/beginning of the needles on socks, so I just wasn't snugging those dang purl stitches like I needed to. And, on the bright side, I only messed that up on two rows. Unworked, reworked, and now 16 more rows along. The ladders are gone, gone, gone!!

Good things did happen, though. A present I want to make for my father required me to design a graphic. Yeah, right. I had the brain wattage to do that. But! Enter eBay. Dontcha just love all the weird stuff you can find on eBay? Including the lovely Christmas appliqué I had bought for myself years and years ago. The one I am so in love with. The one I used for myself when I bought it. Yip. Found it. Bought it. Now, all I have to do is apply it!

And I taught another person how to nalbind! A very nice one-on-one session! Ah, the best way to teach. I could watch her like a hawk, and not feel like I was ignoring someone.

Perhaps this weekend will be full of finishes. At least, that's what on the schedule! ;)

Perhaps next week a blog post will appear that will be full of enthusiasm and joy for all that I've created!

I seem to be darned fond of "perhaps" today...

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