Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Monday and it's raining

Yes. Monday. After what I knew would be the weekend from Helsinki (as far as time for me to knit was concerned...). And, yes, I did have fun. But I was also pretty grumpy. Sigh... I think part of my brain was continuously registering the fact that I needed to be knitting or sanding or staining or sewing or...

But, I did get something done! WoOt! Diagonal Ribs are down to kitchener stitch and end weaving. Yippee!! And, perhaps even better, I finally picked up the Earl Blue and looked very closely to see if the stitches I picked up after dropping (why did I drop stitches on a cable??) were done okay. And they were! And I'm on the gussets!

Now, for other bad news. Friday I drilled the dowel holes in the table, and... yeah... I put one leg on wrong. 3 correctly orient pointing downwards and 1 goes up. Straight up in the air. But, I think I can just drill new holes and go from there. Also, I made a wee error in that I drilled the dowel holes at the same location for each piece of the apron (front, back, two sides) and into the legs. And didn't notice that that caused me to drill the holes in the legs into each other. But, again, I think I can fix this. Cutting some dowels shorter should do the trick!

The box went very well, though. Sand, finish (stain & poly) and hardware (hinges, clasp). That's all that's left... I can get that done!!

The rest... well, we'll see. It's not looking very good, but I'll keep plugging away. Just think of me as the Little Engine That Could in training.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

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