Friday, December 12, 2008


Okay, kids, we've revamped The Grand Schedule. That which was to control my life until Christmas. That which was scrambled by a touch of stomach flu. Doesn't my body know that it's not allowed to decide it needs 16 hours of sleep instead of a mere 7? And how about the boyfriend planning a full day of activities on Saturday? Albeit everything will be tons of fun, and I'm going to have a great time, but you just can't knit a lace cardigan at a roller derby. Okay... maybe you can. I can't.

And there's all that traveling to take into consideration. I didn't win a dime on the lottery, so I don't have plane tickets. Of course, there are still several drawings between now and the drop-dead get-in-the-car-and-go day. So, maybe there's still a chance on that. 2 hours on a plane knitting beats 7.5 hours in a car driving. It's really hard to knit and drive, especially if you're the only one in the car...

But, I still have high hopes that I will be done with all but one project. Very high hopes. Stoned hopes? I'm not sure how in touch with reality I am right now. Everything has taken more time than it should, every knit object has had a point where dropped stitches had to be picked up (or even better - I had to frog out entirely and change needle size...).

So, I've decided that I'm going to post once a day, giving myself pep talks and/or pats on the back, depending on how the day before has gone.

Today: pep and pat. Wood working went pretty well. A dear friend, Cindy, came over and did sanding on project A (table) while I worked on project B (box). We worked until my recently-healthy body felt like it really needed to sit down and not move for a bit. And we accomplished quite a lot. Cindy sands so very much better than I do - all I have left is one leg (partly done) and the table top. Huzzah! The box gave me a lot of problems, or rather the frame that gets a mirror mounted in it. The equivalent of wrong needle size and dropped stitches. And they all were cutting the 45 degree angle to miter the corners. First, cut parallelograms instead of an isosceles trapezoid. Next, successfully created trapezoids, but the rabbet for the mirror was on the outside edge of the frame, not the inside edge. Third, successfully created a frame. That was one quarter of an inch too small. The fourth time was the charm! And, I'll have a bunch of cute little frames from all the mistakes... And, oo-ee!, did I learn a lot about how not to make a frame!!

Tonight, assembly of the wooden objects. And finishing a pair of socks. I'm 2.5" from starting the toe on a really quick-working pattern. I will finish these socks!!

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ORION said...

I just had to laugh- you don't know me but I'm the author of the novel LOTTERY.
I have a google alert set for my name pat wood and the title of my book. They all have to be present for me to be notified. I got an alert for your blog and really burst out laughing- it caught your line "didn't win a dime on the lottery" along with
"Today pep and pat: Wood working pretty well..."

It really tickled me!
Have a great day!
Patricia Wood
Author of LOTTERY