Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday, and it's snowing...

But it didn't snow enough to shut down the county (which is the only way I get a snow day).

Once again, the table proved to be recalcitrant. Coupled with a completely idiotic maneuver on my part. P is for poplar. P is for pine. Guess what wood I needed to buy to rework a piece that I botched? And guess which wood I actually bought? Yip. Needed A, bought B. So, I didn't finish all the assembly last night. Bummer. But... I did put the apron together. It's clamped and drying. And in the long run, only two holes needed to be redrilled to reorient the straight-up leg into a straight-down position. Looking kinda nice... Even with clamps and no finish.

Did more shopping on the way home from work, more than I meant to. And less than I meant to! Forgot to double-check the list. One item left to buy and the Christmas shopping is complete. One.

Well, one item and one poplar board... ;)

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