Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Wednesday and it's melting...

Such creative titles this week!! Well, I use the lack of brain wattage for anything not project related as my excuse. Weather-schmeather. Day-schmay. As long as I wake up, get to and from work, it's all the same to me. So much so that I could have sworn yesterday was Wednesday. And I truly woke up thinking today was Thursday. On the bright side, when I realize what day it truly is, I am pleasantly surprised by the fact that I have one more day than I thought!

Everything took so darned long last night, but much progress was made. I don't actually get to move something to the completed list, but I do get to update some "0%" bits in the list. Tonight, there's a few simple things that will wrap up pretty quickly. And then some stuff that won't. Life's like that, dontcha know!

I left the little schedule book at home, so I can't verify what I'm behind on. But! I did buy the one item and the one piece of wood. And I bought the correct kind of wood. Yes, I have a lovely little bit of poplar now. Yesterday was crafty, non-knitting day, so no wood working. But, tonight. Tonight I will cut and sand the last piece of wood. And I will get ready to stain the table. And it will be a good night!!

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