Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Still in relaxation mode...

Ah, New Year's Eve. And I'm still relaxing and not knitting like a fiend. Well, not on socks. I lost my beloved camouflage mitts on the drive home - left them in a restroom. This wouldn't bother me so much if I hadn't, as I set them down, said to myself, "This is potentially a bad spot to set down your mitts, kiddo. You might forget them..." So, I whipped up a pair in Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair. Oo. Pretty. Sparkly. And then last night I noticed the little ball remaining from knitting my Christmas Calorimetry... And I thought that little Christmas mitts would be fun to wear whilst celebrating Christmas with the Mills boys... So, I'm knitting those instead! About one quarter of the way along... should be able to finish them during lunch (with a little bit of time before I leave tonight to supplement that...). And given that I made little Christmas slipper socks ages ago in the same yarn, I'll be quite coordinated! I hope Bret and Jared don't gag!!!

Along the relaxation lines, I actually got to do something I wanted to do before Christmas but didn't have the time - I went to Lake Hope State Park and walked down the Trail of Lights with my friend Cindy. The trail wasn't quite as long as I'd hoped, but the lights were pretty. We ended up walking it twice (my suggestion) and it was just lovely. Not too windy. Not too cold. Very quiet (we were the only ones there when we started the trail, though people were in the parking lot getting ready to leave when we arrived, and others arrived as we were leaving). The displays were a little beat up from being out all December long, but still very festive. And I brought a thermos of hot chocolate which we drank in the car after the walk. All in all, a very lovely evening. And I got home with still time to work on stuff. So I packed clothes for the weekend and wrapped the last two presents: Jared's box (easy) and Bret's table (not so much...).

Have you ever wrapped a skinny little table that's not at all in a box? Oh, it was fun. Rule #1: no cellophane tape could be applied directly to the wood. Rule #2: every bit needed to be covered. Wrapping using these rules was a bit of a challenge. The taper of the legs was a help, actually. The paper only slid down so far... So, the legs were each covered and then the apron and top were wrapped, taping the paper to that on the legs. And! I finished a role of wrapping paper that I've had for years. Exactly. None to spare (well, I'm not counting the pieces that are about 1" x 3" that I cut out of the top piece to get around the legs...). How cool is that? Now, of course, the trick will be getting it in and out of the car without damaging all that hard work!

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